Ashley is an East-coast dwelling single mom of one grade schooler, Finley, and Duncan the Wonder Cat. Unfulfilled in her previous career (and life), she went back to school to become a professional fundraiser and somehow found herself in corporate communications for a pharmaceutical marketing company.

Life is funny sometimes.

She believes in nachos for dinner, wearing pretty underthings every day and singing in the car, shower and the stairwell at work. Shoes are her best friend.

When Ashley isn’t navigating the waters of parenthood, she’s playing with Dinky cars, stomping in puddles, writing her fashion blog, learning how to be a little more green, enjoying the world in Pleasantville and keeping a perfectly-cat-eye lined eye out for Mr He May Just Be The One.


2 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Ashley. I have been reading your blog and I absolutely love it. It has brought tears to my eyes on more than one occasion. Glad to hear that things in your life seem to be on the right track…a positive track. Just one small thing I noticed on the “About” page is that you refer to F as a preschooler. Time for an update? Keep up the great work! Look forward to seeing your next post!


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