2018 · beauty

truth or bare: getting waxed

As a woman in today’s society, hair removal has almost always been a part of my life. Hair removal is a pretty personal thing, from method preference to even feeling shame or embarrassment about how much (or little) body hair you have.

2018 · travel

the countdown is officially on

In one week, I’ll be piling the final items into bags and (no doubt) sweating a little as I question whether or not I’ve truly gotten everything we need before our first official family trip. That’s right! We’re off to Florida, and this time, we say we’re bringing F along for the ride. There’s something… Continue reading the countdown is officially on

2017 · single mom

the things money can (and can’t) buy

One of the greatest challenges of growing up is tackling that whole “financial responsibility” (and financial security) thing. During the early years of young adult life, and especially during the early months and years of single parenting, I felt so sure that if I just had more money, everything would be better, easier – but it… Continue reading the things money can (and can’t) buy