BEWARE: The Monctonian Move Monster

I can count on one hand the number of times Mr Hockey Coach and I have gotten snappy at one another, and lemme tell ya… 10 pm on Saturday after 12 hours of packing, traveling and unloading a U-Haul truck is one way to expedite the cranky-getting-process. As I tore open boxes in the kitchen and he was putting the legs back on my couches, he put down the screwdriver and declared “If you don’t stop unpacking, I’m outta here.”

This is what piling random shit in your living room looks like.
This is what piling random shit in your living room looks like.

It resulted in a wee snappy-match and then I couldn’t find my phone (the battery was dead, too) and so my over-tired, sore, cranky, upset and overwhelmed self started to cry until we found the phone. We returned the U-Haul truck and upon getting into my car, Mr Hockey Coach cut my apology off to say he was sorry he had gotten a little mad. Tired much? Sigh.

All-in-all, the move was smooth except for the time I dropped the couch on my leg and gave myself the bruise of a lifetime. We had some good giggles and we ate pizza at midnight on my couches. We chilled the wine but we were too tired to drink it. And yesterday, all by my little self, I successfully set up the kitchen and living room (at least mostly). Since I don’t have wifi or cable, I have very few distractions aside from the almost constant whistling of phone notifying me of texts, tweets and emails.

And now, semi-set up!
And now, semi-set up!

Last night was my first solo-night in the house. It was weird, to say the least, but I made it all the way to morning and even got myself to work on time. The newness of the situation is still a little daunting and, while I’m really excited to get busy living here, I miss Halifax a lot.

Thank goodness for weekends.

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