Oops! I did it again…

If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a million times: Life is full of surprises.

Almost a year ago, I applied for a position I figured I had no hope of receiving a call for. Three months later, I received an invitation for an interview. I went to Banana Republic and bought a skirt for the occasion – because CLEARLY. I left the tag on in case the interview went badly so I could return it because bad luck. The interviewer complimented me on my suit. It was a good sign.

And then, Qimple came along and I was thrilled. It was a big decision, but I decided no risk, no reward. Besides, not taking a risk is a risk in and of itself. And that interview had been a month previously and I still didn’t get a call. Until an email arrived the day before I moved. “Congratulations. You’re eligible to work for us, but we don’t have any openings. Stay tuned. You’ll be on our list until March 31, 2015.” It was a long shot and I knew it.

Imagine my surprise when, four months later, an email landed in my inbox wondering if I remembered the position, and would I be interested. REALLY, UNIVERSE? And now, with much excitement I can say that I’ve accepted a position with the Communications Division of the Nova Scotia Provincial Government. Some may say it’s not as sexy as a tech startup, but it’s exactly right for me.

But it means undoing everything I’ve done in the last four months.

It means moving across the provincial line again. Another new daycare. Another new place. Another adjustment. Another period of transition.

It’s more goodbyes. More boxes. More concerns. More uncertainty.

And it’s awesome.

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