puppy love

Y’all – I’ve got it. I’ve got it baaaaaaaaad.

If you don’t follow me on social media, you’ve been blissfully unaware of our big news. We adopted a greyhound on January 5! To say we’re smitten would be the understatement of the year: I’m absolutely, head over paws, in love.

No one in my family or friends circle was surprised to see me turn into a dog-crazy human. I’ve always loved animals and I was excitedly “nesting” as we awaited our dog’s arrival. Within hours of meeting our new family member, she transformed me into an exhausted new mom again. I changed my sleeping pattern, was up earlier than usual, and desperately trying to make sure she adjusted smoothly to her new life.

Macoma is a two-year-old retired racer. She was born on a large greyhound farm in Texas where she lived for about a year before she began her race-training. She raced in Florida for 13 races over a few months before retiring. We kept her racing name as homage to her life before us. She has the cutest nose. She also happens to be settling in remarkably well.

Although, I knew I’d come to love whatever dog we brought home, I didn’t expect to fall in love this quickly. I didn’t expect to miss her when at work or be so excited to go outside in minus-twelve-degree weather at 5:30 am so she can pee (or, more accurately, sniff where other dogs have peed for 10 minutes so she can decide where to pee). But here we are.

Adopting an adult dog has been an amazing experience so far. I worried it would be too challenging or even a negative experience, but my worry was all for naught. I promise I’ll compile what we’ve learned into a blog post soon – there is SO much I wish I’d thought of before.

Every day, she shows us a bit more of herself and makes us all fall a little more in love with her.

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