2019 · beauty · style & beauty

keep it for good

I can all but hear my mother telling me to save the shirt, pants, shoes, or whatever it was for the first day of school or whatever event lay ahead. The idea that my “nice” or “new” things should be kept for special or “important” uses and events was one that followed me through life but hadn’t necessarily served me well.

Over the years, everything from hand creams to shoes have remained tucked away, unused or unworn. Products expire and styles fall out of fashion and, ultimately, my money was wasted. It’s a line I’ve caught myself saying to F as he emerges from his room in a “good” shirt when he’s got gym at school that day. It’s a line I’ve said to myself when I’m getting ready for work on a random Tuesday morning and a new pair of crisp black pants are hanging in my closet.

But it’s a line I say no more.

Perhaps I’m simply older and wiser, or maybe I’ve turned into a snob, but whatever the reason, I’ve decided I can no longer own things that are only used “for good”. I wear my nicest shoes – the ones with sequins – to work. My most expensive jeans can be worn for a walk around the park with the dog. I generously slather my expensive creams on my face, neck, hands, or body.  I accept that the “best” things I own will eventually be worn down or used up.

This isn’t to say that I exclusively own or use fancy products or wear high-cost clothing. I’ve just tried to cut through the bullshit when it comes to the things I own. I’d rather wear or use expensive products and get my money’s worth out of them than watch them sit unused or unworn in a closet or under the sink. Or worse – forget about them.

Instead of saving my most prized items for special times, I’ve adopted a new philosophy:

Every day deserves my best.

It’s why I wear my fancy shoes with jeans on Fridays. It’s why my most expensive jeans will inevitably be covered in muddy paw prints and dog fur on Sunday afternoons. Why my mascara will run out quickly. Why my hair products must be replaced more often. Why my prettiest dress will be worn on Monday, to the grocery store, to dinner with friends, and anywhere else.

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