2023 · career

leaps of faith and fate

For most of my life, I’ve heard people say things like “you need to take a leap of faith” or share their personal stories about the leaps they took, bravely and boldly, swallowing their fears and doubts. I admire this. I’ll confess that fear has, too often, held me back from doing things I dream or dreamt of.

But, I’m currently taking a leap of fate.

I’m starting down a new path right now that is as terrifying as it is exciting. It’s one I’ve stood at the head of several times, daring to take another step but always unable to really let go.

Until fate intervened.

On Monday, April 10, 2023, my position with the company where I was a full-time employee was terminated as part of what I know was a difficult business decision for the founders and senior leadership team. It came as a pretty big shock, and while I am disappointed that things didn’t ultimately pan out, I don’t regret a second of my time with the organization.

And… it’s not all bad. Because…

…On Thursday, April 20, 2023, I became a business owner! My very own Public Relations and Marketing agency, amPR inc., has officially been registered and approved – complete with certificates, a business number, and all of the excitement (and the stress) that comes with it.

If you’re thinking, Holy shit – that was fast! you are not wrong. So, buckle up.

To say the absolute least, the last two weeks were completely bananas. Berserk. An emotional rollercoaster. ALL OF THE THINGS. But, there’s more to the timeline than meets the eye.

You see… I was planning to register my business for a long time. It was actually my big, hairy, audacious goal to be able to go fully into my business by the end of 2025. My plan was to hustle hard throughout the next couple of years to build up more clients and more experience so I could officially become my own boss.

In March, I finally got around to requesting my business name which was quickly approved. I really just needed a business number and tax number, but I wanted to lock in my name ASAP. So, I did. Maybe it was intuition? If nothing else, it was damn good timing.

For ten days, I jumped through hoops to get my business registration finalised and filed. The feeling of seeing my Certificate of Association and Certificate of Registration will be one I never forget. amPR inc. is my third baby and one I feel like I’ve been waiting for, for so long.

Taking a leap of fate is no less stressful than a leap of faith, if you ask me. In fact, in some ways, it might be more stressful. As much as I’ve wanted to do this, it felt (at least a little) like my hand was being forced. Some of the joy and sense of accomplishment has been diluted by the stress and sadness of losing my job.

But mostly, I’m leaning into how amazing it feels to know I actually did it.

I’m a business owner. An entrepreneur. And I cannot wait to explore this new version of me.

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