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Step on a Crack…

I try very hard not to let superstition creep into my life.

Lately, it’s not working.

Leading up to my wedding, everything went wrong. It started with the date – we didn’t get the date we wanted, but we got into the venue on the Labour Day weekend. Next was the dress – my Mom hated the first one I liked, and the dress that I absolutely would have killed for had to be bought “as is”, and would have taken a lot of stress and work to make ready for a real wedding. Then, the invitations were wrong not once, but five times. They were even sent out with the incorrect RSVP date because there was just no time to have them fixed again. We wrote the correct date in pen.

There was the ex-roommate who turned into an ex-bridesmaid when she informed me she planned on driving five hours to the church the day of my wedding – meaning she wouldn’t be present for photos, hair/makeup, the meet-and-greet or anything else to do with the wedding but the actual wedding itself. Then there was the fact that my in-laws dictated everything. The day of the wedding, I looked at my best friend and my Mom and asked, “Am I making a mistake? Were they signs?”

Maybe they were, maybe they weren’t. The only thing I do know is our one year anniversary should have been two months ago, and I haven’t seen my husband since July. Aside from a handful of texts this week, I hadn’t even heard from him in four weeks – which is usually the case, just a text to say he’s sent something for F. I’ve dwelled on not listening to my gut and reading the signs that were blatantly flashing before my eyes, and have wondered if I would be happier, if hearts would have been spared had I called off the wedding when it first crossed my mind – around the time shit started hitting the fan.

Yesterday, I felt that strange sense of “Is this an omen?” when I went to my apartment to find the door to my unit UNLOCKED. WITH MY STUFF INSIDE. I could feel my heart breaking – I have never felt so assaulted, so violated in all my life. All of my things were where I’d left them, but the building managers cared that little about my belongings that they didn’t even lock the door that separated them from the world. I was furious. This was only exasperated by the fact that the apartment hadn’t been cleaned, a jug of paint sat in the middle of my floor and there were still cigarettes and old coffee cups on my counter. What did I get myself into?, I asked myself walking down the stairs shaking with anger.

We had no choice but to my move my things into the apartment. I looked at my Dad and said, “I’m looking for a new place. I will not stay here.” He agreed, wholeheartedly and within a few hours, I had found a few spots to look at on Sunday when I return to town. It was sickening feeling. All of my doubts about going back to school were blown up on the projection screen for me this last week. An apartment that wasn’t ready, twice. Since telling a few people where the apartment was, I’ve heard everything from “I saw a car on fire in the parking lot there once” to “the cops are there every day”.

Needless to say, I’m moving and trying to stay positive that this isn’t a sign from some greater force that I’m not supposed to go to school right now but that’s not going to happen. Shit happens, but always for a reason. Maybe the perfect apartment is just waiting for me to move in!

One thought on “Step on a Crack…

  1. Good for you for listening to that still, small voice this time. Keep doing it and the truth will make itself clear. I'm voting for the perfect small home that will cradle you as you push forward to make a life for yourself.


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