single mom

Road Closed

Do you ever feel like something is holding you back?

Is it you?

We all have barriers in our lives. It’s an ugly, unfortunate and downright maddening fact for many of us. The barriers we face are as diverse as the people facing them: from money and social status to family responsibility and our age, we perceive these sets of circumstance to be roadblocks for which there is no detour – just a closed road. But, are they really that bad, or are we letting them stop us in our tracks? Are they keeping us from achieving our goals, realizing our dreams and reaching the level of success we want for ourselves? Are you letting something hold you back?


Yep. I said it: don’t let whatever is holding you back stunt your success. Turn that shit around, or better yet, don’t let it get to that point. Don’t spend all your money on shoes and bags you can’t afford and then bitch and complain that you live in a crappy apartment or you have an unreliable car. Have I done that? Yes, I have. I know that and I’ve learned from it. Don’t treat your body like trash and whine about having acne and a spare tire rocking out above the waistband of your favourite jeans. Be proactive. Don’t treat your friends and loved ones like they’re unimportant and then cry about not having a support system. We’re our own worst enemies, you know.

And we shouldn’t be: we shouldn’t diminish our abilities and knock our confidence to the ground. Do you know why we shouldn’t? It’s not because we are probably definitely being too hard on ourselves. It’s not even because we’re forgetting to give ourselves a little bit of credit. It’s because there are a million other people out there who are totally happy to tell you how shitty you are.  And I’d be willing to bet they’re wrong.

I was told, flat out, that I shouldn’t advertise my singlemodom. Why, you’re probably asking? Because it apparently makes me less hireable. It means I’m going to miss a lot of work and that work will never be my priority. Do you know what sucks the most about hearing that from an instructor’s mouth? I’ve let being a single Mom hold me back. I’ve used it as an excuse for everything from giving up on my dreams to not having a social life for the last year. Not anymore.

Whatever this self-imposed barrier you’re facing is, cut it down to size. It doesn’t define you. How you turn it into a strength – into a propellor – is what defines you. Cut the power to those flashing caution lights and bowl that blockade over like it’s your job. Oh, wait. It is.

Reopen that road, or better yet – Build a new one.

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