single mom

Hanging On

How do you let go?

I struggle with letting things go. I always have, and I probably always will. I struggle with letting go of hair or body products I don’t use, clothes that don’t fit and emotions and memories that bring me down. In the end, it leaves me with clutter and baggage.

 I try my best to let things go, from the clothes that no longer fit to the emotions that are eating me alive. I try to push forward and press on but it’s hard sometimes. Sometimes, I just give in. Give up. I go back to my habit of holding on, clinging to the things that weigh me down and suck the light out of my life. I let these painful memories and aching emotions drain the happiness from my new life, and it’s slowly going to drain my spark from me.

When the realtor called to say there was an offer on my house – the house my parents inherited and helped me fix up – I felt an odd mixture of joy and fear. When my parents came back from their meeting and said they’d made their counter-offer, I selfishly hoped the other person would turn it down. He didn’t. Within minutes, the phone was ringing with the good news. I stood in the kitchen shocked, a wave of cold fear washing over me. It’s really good that it’s selling. It means my parents will be able to do the things they’ve wanted to do. It means I won’t need to take out the second instalment of my loan, and that my baby brother will have his car on the road soon. It means my parents no longer have the burden of a second home, but it also means that someone else is going to live in the home that I worked so hard to create. They will sit in the living room I painted, cook on the stove I cooked on and their child will sleep in F’s bedroom and it hurts.

I sit here staring through watery eyes as I imagine this young family living out my dream in my home and it’s all I can do to not cry out. I sit here, my face awash with silent tears knowing that I need to just let it go, that I need to start over. I shouldn’t be sad, but I am. I should be leaping for joy but I’m not. I’m hanging on to something that isn’t even there any more.
I’m hanging on to the memory of a dream I didn’t get to hold.

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