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Breakfast Cake

Yesterday, F and I had birthday cake for breakfast.

I’m not sure who enjoyed it more, to be honest. Probably F, since it’s still totally new and exciting to him that you could possibly ever eat something beside Cheerios and eggs at breakfast time. If we’re being honest, I’ve eaten many a non-breakfast food for breakfast (beer included). We ate our breakfast cake in my bedroom, he standing at the nightstand and me laying in bed. Between great-big-honkin’ spoonfuls, he looked at me and said “I’m so happy you’re home. I love cake for breaksbist.”

I’m not sure if that was the exact moment or if it was the ten minutes we spent hugging and looking at eachother the night before that did me in, but I melted. He’s just so fantastic. Being away from him has been so hard. Even though he’s not quite three, F is showing a level of understanding beyond what I could have ever imagined. He told me that I was away so I could buy him more toys, which is partially true: I’m away so I can give him more everything.If it weren’t for my family, I wouldn’t have the opportunity to do this for F and I. It’s the greatest gift ever.

Down the hall from mine, Mom’s room is piled high with gifts, each wrapped perfectly with love and care. I haven’t wrapped my gifts to my family yet. Nothing seems big enough or good enough. I can’t imagine every finding something big enough or good enough to give to my parents. They’ve given me everything, and I’m doing my best to one-up my gift from the year before every year. (Spoiler alert: Next year, I’m going to try to buy an Island. Wish me luck!)

As a society, we’ve forgotten the true meaning of Christmas. It’s lost in the stores filled with toys and expensive jewelry. Christmas is a time for family, friends and love. It’s a time to share, reflect and be thankful for all we have. I’ve vowed to spend every moment in positivity and love for the next two days. I’ll eat cake for breakfast, pour myself a bigger glass of wine and I’ll let the poor manners and occasional snarky comment from F roll. I’m going to enjoy every minute.

And I’m going to savour the look on my Mom’s face when she sees what I got her for Christmas!

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