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What will you do differently in 2013?

As 2012 wraps up, I find this question wiggling out of the woodworks and tripping me as I walk down my little path of life. What will I vow to work on in the upcoming year? Healthier eating? More meditating? Better work ethic? Less stress?

The answer is nothing, and yet it’s also everything.

I’m not going to have a new year’s resolution for the first time in as long as I can remember. In this past year I’ve realised that I don’t need a new year to start fresh, just a new attitude and a little fuel in my tank. The rest of your life starts whenever you want it to, so why put a date on it?

If you are planning a resolution for your new year, whatever it may be, remember to factor in room for error. Everything in life has a learning curve, and we all start at a different place. If it’s losing twenty pounds, don’t expect to see them gone before January 31. Start small, be positive and enjoy the ride.

Happy New Year!

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