2012 · 2013

Final Firsts

Sometimes, without intending to, I seem to torture myself with unnecessary punishment.
After surviving Christmas (sans J) without a single tear, I made the impossibly stupid decision to dig out my wedding rings. They’ve been tucked away for months now, unseen but not forgotten. I looked at them for a moment or two, shiny and pretty in their box before I defied my own sense and pushed the boundaries of my own stupidity by putting them on.
Even after months of not wearing them, my left ring finger still feels naked. Before my engagement I had even worn my Claddagh ring on my left hand, always pointed inwards. I looked down at my hand, my engagement ring and wedding band sparkling back at me. It was a weird sensation. The rings suit my hand and yet they looked so wrong. They felt wrong, and not just because my fingers have grown far too small for them. I slid them off, tucked them safely in their box and looked at them one more time before I put them away. What possessed me to do that? I’m not even sure.
I hurried around at getting things ready for my big weekend “away” with F. I took him to my apartment in Halifax for the weekend for some quality time and also so he can get comfortable here. When we finally packed the car and hard our coats and boots on, we said good-bye to Breton Cove and started on our drive.
It wasn’t until I saw the “Not Operating” lights flashing to the ferry until I realized that I had to do something I’d been dreading: I had to drive by my old house. Anxiety gripped my chest tightly, and that sick feeling that comes from pure dread spread over me. It won’t be so bad I thought, lying to myself. As we got closer, the sick feeling got stronger. My articial Christmas tree stood in the window, my beautiful red drapes parted wide to show it off. It looked beautiful, perfect even. A perfect little home for a little family. As I rounded the turn, I couldn’t bring myself to look in the rear view mirror for one last glance. The tell-tale tingle came to my nose and my lip quivered against my will as tears stung my eyes.

It’s not mine any more.

I almost pulled the car over, but I realized that this was just another first: another bridge to cross, another hurtle to overcome and I survived it. There’s only one first left: New Years.

2012 was supposed to be a great year, and in a lot of ways it has been. It’s been a blessing in disguise, really. I’ve grown immensely. I found myself, my niche and I’m well on my way to finding happiness. I set goals and surpassed them. I started dreaming again. I’ve learned who my true friends are, and found the strength to wave farewell to the others. I’ve made new friends, strengthened the bonds with my family and I’ve worked on my relationship with myself. My life is still a little messy, but I love it in all it’s imperfections.

I don’t know exactly what’s in store for me in 2013, but I know I will make it big.

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