single mom


I still can’t believe 2012 is coming to an end.

A year ago, I toasted to “the best year yet” with J as we rang in the New Year. It’s no secret that my year didn’t turn out the way I had been anticipating, but that’s OK. If it had, I wouldn’t have made the new friends I’ve made, gone back to school, landed my new job or caught some of the dreams I’d been putting off chasing. I’d still be wondering who I am.

When I look back on this year – at all of the ups and downs and roundabouts – I know I couldn’t have made it to the other end without two amazing people: Mom and Dad. Just like when I was a little girl, they’ve helped me up, doctored my bruises and held my hand as I took the next few tentative steps.

Thank-you. In the words of F (and Lightning McQueen):
You’re the BOMB!

I love you both more than I’ll ever be able to express.

You have inspired me, encouraged me and admittedly, you’ve pulled me back to earth when I was floating off to the clouds again. You’ve made me the woman I am today, and I hope you’re as proud of me as I am of you.

Without you, I couldn’t be the Mom I am to F.

Without Mom’s guidance, I wouldn’t be able to fold a fitted sheet (and I still do a miserable job of it). I also wouldn’t be able to make biscuits or open a bottle of wine. Priorities, after all.

Without Dad’s help, I never would have gotten furniture into this apartment. And I wouldn’t have had that hideous plastic cards table to eat canned soup at with Evan when all of my furniture was thrown out of that other ghastly apartment.

I haven’t figured out the words to express my gratitude just yet, but I’m working on it.

I can’t wait to tackle 2013 with you – but I promise I’ll go easy on you… you are getting old, afterall.

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