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Easter has come and gone in a flash.

It’s funny the way we anticipate events and holidays for weeks and weeks in advance. Just think of the craziness surrounding Christmas every year. I spent the last week or two worrying about this weekend – not because I had a lot to get done, but because F was meeting Red. My stress levels grew exponentially as we got closer and closer to the day.

My concern was certainly not that F wouldn’t like Red. I knew he would. Red is funny and sweet, and he’s a big kid himself most of the time. My concern lay in the fact that I felt there may be a real possibility that F would send Red running in the opposite direction. Don’t get me wrong: I love F like there’s no tomorrow, and I wouldn’t change a single hair on his sweet, little head. But he’s too much like me. He’s wound so tightly that when he lets go, it’s approximately the equivalent of letting 7.4 million bouncy balls (F’s favourite) loose in a tunnel. He’s often too smart for his own good, plus he has my red-headed temper and bull-headed stubbornness to boot.

In short, the kid is a handful.

But all my worry was for wasted. The boys hit it off right away, and within only a few minutes they were perched on the piano stool making noise music and laughing together. Before I could say “melt”, F was telling me that Red was his friend. We’re now about to head into a really big week – F will be coming to Halifax with me, and Red will be hanging out with him while I’m at school and work.

Watching F and Red blowing bubbles on the step yesterday afternoon, or seeing Red kiss F’s head as they said goodnight at bedtime last night absolutely melted my heart. I couldn’t have orchestrated a more perfect weekend if I tried. We enjoyed some quality time with Red’s mom and dad, we watched movies and we snuggled a lot.

We’re heading into a very big and exciting week, now. In a few short hours, F and I will pick Red up and head to Halifax for a week together. Red and F will hang out (with Daisy, of course) while I’m in school or at work. It’s a little nerve-wrecking, but I’m sure it’ll be fantastic. I’m packing away my fears while I pack extra big-boy pants for F.

It’s hard – and often terrifying – but packing those fears away often helps uncover true happiness and wonderful surprises. What are you waiting for?

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