single mom


Last week, I bought myself a diamond ring.

Yep. A diamond ring. For me. I spent weeks contemplating it, days browsing rings online and in stores and then finally, I went ahead and I did it.

I bought myself a ring.

It’s been about a year since I slid my engagement ring and wedding band off for good. I left them in my jewelry box, and occasionally would peer in at them, or take them out and hold them. They’re beautiful, but their meaning was gone. J was gone. I’d be lying if I said I want any of it back, but then, I’d be lying if I said I don’t still feel a little funny without them.

Even after a year, I still expect to see my solitaire staring back at me.

So I’m bought myself a ring as a celebration of loving myself. I spent the last year figuring out how to love myself and it wasn’t always easy, but I think I’m there now. There are still a few things I wouldn’t mind changing, but I will when the time is right.

It’s a celebration of growing into who I want to be and following my dreams. It’s a celebration of finding my happy, falling in love and creating a life that’s full. More than anything, it’s going to be a reminder that I can do it. I deserve it.

In a lot of ways, it will hold the same meaning my wedding band used to: It’s a commitment to myself, my son and my happiness. 

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