single mom


A very dear friend of mine recently announced that she’s going back to work after two and a half years spent raising her beautiful daughters, and her joy made my heart smile.

Her Facebook wall was overcome with congratulatory well-wishes, and “you go girl” boosters. It especially touched me because I’ve known her since we were just kids ourselves, lucky enough to have mothers who could be home with us… and now, we’re fortunate enough to be mothers ourselves.

Being a young mom comes with a different set of rules and a pile of extra perks that, in the midst of all the chaos, can be kind of hard to see clearly.

In the wake of everything that happened since I hit my 20’s, I’ve become an entirely new person and it’s exciting, liberating and absolutely terrifying at the same time. But I love it.

I ran into another old friend not too long ago and he told me that it was nice to see I’d “reclaimed the old me”.


The old me is gone. Long gone, and I’d be willing to be she’s never coming back. The old me thought that she was just a Mom now. She thought that her tomorrows were filled with ho-humness, but luckily for the new me there was still some spark in there. It’s that little spark that helped me find my way to the spot I’m in today.

Being a Mom is great, but I’m more than that and realizing this simple fact has been incredibly liberating. It’s been a long process – the better part of this year. It started way back here, when I decided I was ready to take the first few tentative steps. It has taken me to heartache, and to emptiness, to a heart so full I thought it might burst.

But now, I’m ready to just be a 25-year-old woman, and it’s about time that my blog reflects the new Ashley.

My life has petered out to normalcy (HA!) as I’ve fallen completely in love and gotten my feet beneath me – in fabulous heels, no less – but I have some hilariously blog-worthy moments that I felt could never be shared on my “Single Mommy Blog”.

Not any more. 🙂

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