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Girl Power?

Here comes an early-morning rant. You’ve been warned.
(I’m not even caffeinated yet)
I’m not sure if it’s my overtired self being a little more irritable lately, or if it’s the fact that my tolerance for nonsense has lowered but I have found it more and more painful to read the tweets and Facebook statuses in my news feeds lately as my generation of “feminisists” go on man-hating, male-bashing tirades.
I’ve never dropped myself into the category of feminist, but I wouldn’t say that I’m not a feminist either. I prefer to say that I’m a woman of the 21st century, and that’s good enough for me. I’m a feminist in lots of ways, but if feminism means that I hop on a soap box and run men down, count me out.
Men only make two mistakes: everything they say, and everything they do” popped up in my Twitter feed this morning. Not once, but three times, in the 7 hours since I had previously tuned in. Facebook statuses announcing all men are idiots crowd my newsfeed every day. Come on girls, really?

If you really want to be a feminist, how about celebrating women a little more and beating up men a little less? How about not stooping to the level where you have to bash men – cause, last time I checked we were all against the whole “anti-woman” thing, weren’t we? No?
I’m really proud to be a woman. I’m proud of the women in my life who inspired me and shaped me into the person I am today – including the women who were stay-at-home-moms (HORRORS), and the ones who went out on lobster fishing boats just like the 30+ men in the community. I’m proud that I have a girly-girl streak and I’m not ashamed to say that I hate getting my hands dirty (chipped nailpolish isn’t my style).
I’m also really proud of my boyfriend, dad, brother, son, uncles, and male friends who screw up and make mistakes all the time not because they’re men, but because they’re HUMAN. Like me. Like you. 
I’m all for equality. I don’t think women or men are necessarily smarter, or better or cooler or whatever based on gender alone. I don’t think all men are good at math and all women are good at cooking. Everyone is an individual. Unique. Can’t we celebrate that individuality in women and in men? Is that so hard?
 I think I should receive an equal wage as a man in the same position I hold, if we’re standing on the same level of talent, skill and qualifications. Let’s try tackling that instead of attacking every guy. Let’s stop grouping them all into the same category, lest all feminists be thrown into the file of “man-haters“.
What goes around, comes around y’all.
End rant. Time for coffee. Fully aware that I’m now hated by the feminist community.
Happy Wednesday.  

3 thoughts on “Girl Power?

  1. I've never understood male or female bashing, and I never will. In my recent past, I've been given a metric shit-tonne if reasons to hate certain members of the female sex. I stress, CERTAIN members. Not all. Surely not even a majority of those I see & interact with almost daily. Can you imagine the tar-&-feathering I would receive if I went on a women bashing binge? Why aren't women who man-bash labelled as sexist, hateful pigs because know men would be?

    -anxiously awaiting someone to jump up & support their actions with how women have been subservient to men since before they nailed that nice man to a tree 2,000 tears ago. Please. This like hating on today's Germans for the 30's & 40's…complete B.S.


  2. This argument makes me crazy. Women are fighting for “equality”, yet don't think they should be held to the same standard. Also note: I am not grouping all women into this category, just the ones who seem to confuse feminism with man-hating.

    It's nothing more than bullying at the end of the day.


  3. i think a lot of that bashing does not even come from feminists. trust me, the women posting those comments on my facebook/twitter streams are so not in the feminist camp, they are just in the angry camp. which does not one any good at all.


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