single mom

Partners (In Crime?)


I kind of hate them. Boyfriend. Girlfriend. They seem so packed, and yet sometimes they just don’t carry the merit which the person holding said title deserves. I had this realization when, mid-conversation, I struggled to decide how to describe Red. Using his name wouldn’t mean anything to the stranger with whom I was speaking. Boyfriend sounded too… um… juvenile. Husband he’s not – I have one of those. They’re overrated and I’m trying to get rid of him the way one might try to get rid of a Planter’s wart.

In a split second decision, I went all willy-nilly and threw “partner” into the mix and felt immediately pretentious and douchebag-y because it just sounded off.

And yet, it’s kind of the only way I can describe him in one word. We might be here all day if I get into the way I really might describe him, and I don’t want him to stumble upon this post and get all puffed up. I like to keep him on his toes.

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