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Pain is Beauty: Tria Beauty Review

Pain is beauty, right?

I’ve always been a believer in the “no pain, no gain” attitude, so I don’t hesitate to push myself when I’m running to go just a little faster or a little further, and I’m not afraid to spend some time in front of the mirror torturing myself plucking my eyebrows from time to time. I wear high heels that occasionally result in blistered feet, soak my nails in acetone that eats away at my cuticles when my gel nail polish needs a change, and I’ve been known to wiggle into movement-restricting Spanx for the sake of a smoother silhouette.

I’m not alone.

I’ve spent stupid amounts of money on makeup and hair products, body lotions and everything in between. But I’m lazy. I like to sleep in a few extra minutes, so I forsake my perfect hair or nice eye makeup pretty regularly. Sometimes, even on a hot day, I’ll wear long dresses to avoid shaving my legs.

I’m not a particularly tall person, but I’ve got long legs and shaving them can be time consuming so I decided to wax them. That was a bust – spreading hot wax across my hairy legs and then tearing it off was messy and hurt more than I seem to recall labour and childbirth, so I gave that up. Did I mention that there was a lot of hair still hanging around? Then I contemplated a No-No, but the idea of burning my hair off didn’t sound very pleasant at all.

So I bought an at-home laser remover by Tria Beauty.

Let me say, the results are fantastic. But holy-effing-Christmas-trees-and-honey it hurts.

It too is a bit time consuming, and I’ve realized that I made a fatal (not actually) mistake in my using it in the spring/summer. I’m a little too tanned to continue. I also need to cut out a section of time every two weeks to use it, and no way do I have time for that nonsense during the summer! There’s sun to soak up and BBQ’s to attend, so I’ve packed it away for a couple of months… knowingly sacrificing all the progress I’ve made.

If you’re thinking about using the Tria, I strongly recommend it. An Advil or two about 30 minutes before your treatment helps with the pain, and the results truly are fantastic. The price tag is worth it too, and the newer models treat a larger area with each time. I’ll definitely resume my treatments in the Fall when I have a bit more time.

What’s the craziest beauty product you’ve ever tried? What about a favourite? I’d love to know!

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