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Thumbs Up for Thursdays (July 18)

In an effort to be just a leeeeetle more appreciative and positive, I’ve decided to pay more attention to the great things in my life each week and let the not-so-great things roll off my back.

It’s no secret that everyone loves a Friday, leaving Thursday to be little more than the day that stands between us and the beginning of our weekend. Thursday is often the busiest day in my week, as it’s my day to try to wrap up loose ends at work, laundry day and if I’m heading home to visit my folks, it’s also the day I do my packing and clean the apartment from floor to ceiling. Yikes. As I’m sweating profusely and cursing the dog’s fur all over my floor, it’s much too easy to let the stress of my busy life get to me. 

But, nobody wins that way. It doesn’t make my day any better, and it sure as Hell doesn’t get the floors cleaned so pumping out a little positivity is especially important. No one likes a Debbie Downer!

So, without further ado, here are the things that deserve a Thumbs-Up this week!

1.  Red, F and I had a great, super low-key weekend. OK, so technically this was partially last week, but we really did have a great time. I feel especially blessed to welcome Red into our little family, and to have him in my life as a friend and partner. 

2.   Accident-free days with F! Potty-training is a big adjustment, on top of adjusting to his daycare and moving to live with me in Halifax. We like to celebrate the little things at my house, and any day where F doesn’t miss a trip to the potty is a special day in my eyes. Congratulations F, and a super-big thanks to Red for all his work in making F feel comfortable with the potty. 

This, you guys, is home. Breton Cove, represent!

3.    A fun surprise! On Tuesday, while casually scrolling Twitter I caught glimpse of a tweet from Lost Cod Clothing (follow them @LostCod) featuring this image. As I would quickly learn, the Cabot Trail Ranch belonged to my great uncle. I hauled ass (in my fabulous heels, no less) from Sackville to Lower Water St. where I nabbed a pile of merch with featuring the sign. Surprise gift for my cousin Merrill! Toot toot!

4.    THIS. Free clothes guys, free clothes. In addition to snazzy new clothes (courtesy of an awesome colleague), I scored great deals on new glasses. As a bespectacled babe, and a fashion-obsessed kind of gal, I’m more than a little excited. 

Another week of summer is *almost* behind me, which is pretty hard to believe. Tomorrow night, I’ll be heading to Breton Cove to see my folks and hopefully log some time on the beach! 

Don’t forget to tune-in tomorrow for another Beautiful Friday, and make sure you like my Facebook Page.

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