single mom


I am kid-free for two weeks.

There is a bittersweetness about my apartment without F. On the one hand, it is so nice to come home and turn on a grown-up movie and lay on the couch filling out job applications and writing in peace and quiet. I’m tired. In the morning, there is just me. At bedtime, there is just me. It’s so easy. There are no toys to pick up, no crumbs scattered across the floor, and I haven’t tripped over a rogue shoe yet. But, in the silence and cleanliness of my apartment there is such an absence that it feels unnatural. It’s a flashback to when F and I were apart over the winter.

Last night, I left work tired. I’d had a monumental wake up, and I was looking forward to getting home and making a light dinner. Maybe a cup of tea. I sat in my car and turned on the radio. I turned onto the street, and made my way for about 3 minutes before it dawned on me.

I was on my way to F’s daycare.

I did a U-turn on the quiet, residential street and pulled over. I could blame it on tiredness, or I can blame it on the way the sun was hitting my eyes but they filled with tears. I miss him… and that’s a blessing. I am fortunate to be given the opportunity to miss him. I’m lucky to have parents who are so happy to hang out with their grandchild that they’ve given me two weeks to be a “free” agent.

And as much as I miss him, I know I’m going to enjoy a quiet week.

Unless of course the cat wakes me up at 5:05 am with a monumental crash again. #notokay

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