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Thumbs Up for Thursdays! (August 1)

Crazy coconuts, you guys! It’s August!!! That means summer is half over. Insert sad face here, amiright? It’s also Thursday, meaning it’s high time we bust out the positivity as we head into tomorrow’s Beautiful Friday and enjoy a long weekend! 

It’s not quite 8 am and my day already feels crazy. After my 9-hour work day is finished up, I’ve got laundry and packing ahead of me! Red and I are off to Moncton, NB to celebrate his good friend’s wedding. Thursdays, you guys, Thursdays. UGH. If nothing else, remember that Thursday helps you get to Friday and everybody loves a weekend! 

So, without further ado here’s a round-up of what I give Thumbs-Up to this week:

1. Red is home – although I can assure you there was at least one day during the almost-week he’s been home that we both wished the other was in Timbuktu, it’s really nice to have him back. AND, in spite of a little tiff or twenty, I don’t think I’d send him back to the woods. 

2. KIDCATION. I miss little F a lot, but it has been so nice to only get myself ready in the morning. His kidcation is coming to an end, and he’ll be back to the grind next week. I think it’s important to explain here that it’s less that I need or want time away from F, but I needed some time for me. Now that I’ve had PLENTY of it, I’m ready to get the little rascal back!

3. My long weekend begins tomorrow! I’m out of my second-job office by 2 p.m. tomorrow at the latest and off to Moncton to enjoy a long weekend. BONUS: The last time I spent a night in a hotel, I was legit LIVING in that hotel with my Mom because my apartment had been broken into my the rental company and cleaned out because I’d given notice to move. #Bastards. ANYWAY, staying in a hotel will be a nice treat!

4. The weather has been fantastic this week! I’m all for high heat, but sitting in an office sweating through your carefully chosen outfit is just no fun. The slightly cooler weather and great days have made for comfortable office mornings and easy-to-sleep nights. What’s not to love about that?

5. Last night might have been the highlight of my entire week! Red and I went out for dinner and then went downtown to walk and drive around, just enjoying the city. It was great – and the best part was, I got a MASSIVE piece of Cheesecake at Broadway Cheescake.  You guys, yum.

What deserved a Thumbs-Up this week in your lives? Tell me below or on my Facebook Page.

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