single mom

"Too pretty to be sad…"

… and other things you should never tell someone immediately post-breakup.

I get it. You love your friend. You’re upset that someone could hurt her, and you want nothing more than to make her feel better. I’ve been there, too. I’ve been the concerned friend, and I’ve been the heartbroken friend. It’s hard to watch someone you care about hurt, so you try your best to cheer her up. Mend her heart. Show her how great she is.

But sometimes the things you say just aren’t OK.

Your friend doesn’t need to hear what a dirt bag her ex was. She doesn’t need to hear how much better off she is, or how she was wasting her time. She needs a friend. She needs someone to hear her out, feed her broken heart ice cream and show up with Kleenex and nail polish for a girls’ night in. There are lots of things you can say, but here are a few things you shouldn’t say:

“You’re too pretty to be sad.”

“You’re better off without him.”

“He was cheating on you, anyway.”

“He wasn’t good enough for you.”

“You can do better.”

“There are plenty more fish in the sea.”

“Don’t waste your tears.”

“Just get over him.”

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