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Thumbs Up for Thursdays! (August 15)

I can’t even believe it’s the middle of August. Summer is almost gone, you guys!

This Thursday, I have a pile of clothes on my floor like you wouldn’t believe and I haven’t even begun cleaning or packing for our weekend in CB! Gah! As always, life with a toddler is busy and occasionally crazifying but we’re plugging on through! Woohoo. With little progress being made on the job front, it’s been hard to keep a positive outlook but your day is only as good as you let it be so…

Without further ado, here are some things that earned a Thumbs Up this week!

1. Cool evenings. Although I’m bummed I didn’t get to wear some of my new shorts (warm weather, come back!!), I can’t complain about cool weather at bedtime. The cooler air makes for a comfortable sleep – and after a week of not sleeping well, I’ll take whatever zeds I can get.

2. I still have my job (kind of)! Yay! After giving notice a couple of weeks ago, I definitely wasn’t expecting to be glad to still have my part-time position, but when plans changed I was pretty thankful to be able to stay a little bit longer. In the meantime, I’m glad that I have half of my day to spend job hunting.

3. F started taking himself to the potty, which means Mommy is off the hook for quick runs to pee. As a parent, there’s nothing better than seeing your child find their confidence and independence and this is a huge feat for F! Only a couple of months ago, I was seriously afraid the kid would never give up his pull-ups and now he’s too cool to have his Mom in the bathroom with him. #Winning.

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