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Thumbs-Up for Thursdays (August 29)

Before I start, I have to admit I’ve been neglecting my blog a bit the last little while, but I promise I’ll get my shit together soon!
It’s here, and it’s the last one for the month of August. It’s another Thursday, and with it comes a few thumbs-ups. The Thursday before a long weekend is always a little bit hectic in my world, partially because I want to finish everything at work and also because I generally have a fair bit of packing to do. This week was no exception, but today has been by far the best day of my entire month!

1. I had the best weekend last weekend. No, seriously THE BEST. I spent time with friends, went out for wine and had the opportunity to laze around and just relax. This weekend will undoubtedly be a close second since it’s a long one, AND I’m seeing F for the first time in two weeks. (For those of you who don’t know, my daycare provider effed me and now I don’t have childcare again.)

2. On a work trip to New Glasgow this week, I not only got to share my knowledge and passion for social media with a fabulous group of people, but I got to share a delicious meal with a great friend who I haven’t seen in far too long! Catching up with friends is the best.

 3. I might actually have the best job ever. Just today, I spent my morning with a group of kids and their parents as they were provided with back-to-school assistance including clothing, Wal-Mart gift cards and backpacks filled with crayons, pencils, calculators and binders! Being a part of something bigger than myself, and helping more than 200 people is something that definitely deserves one big thumbs up.

4. This morning, a kind stranger paid for my Starbucks order in the drive-thru. After putting my cash back in my wallet, I decided that I wanted to keep the train of awesomeness chugging along. So I dug out my debit card and asked if I could please purchase the order for the car behind me. As warmed as my heart was by the generosity of that stranger, I felt great passing on that warmth to another. It was a small gesture but it had a huge impact on my day! Thumbs Up for kindness, amiright?

I hope you all had a great week too, and invite you to share your thumbs ups with me anytime! 🙂 Keep the positivity going!

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