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Bathina by Benefit Review

I haven’t been doing well keeping up with my weekly series the last couple of weeks, which I will shamelessly attribute to being under more stress than I can even explain. Thankfully, my stress level is dropping and I’ll be sharing the news behind that soon.
Back in July, I was wandering around Shoppers Drug Mart waiting for a prescription to be finished and I decided to do a little shopping. It was actually the same night I picked up my Clinique Chubby Stick, and that other product I didn’t need: Bathina by Benefit. What the hell is that? you may be wondering, so lemme fill y’all in. Batthina is a luminous, silky body balm that smells amazing and gives your skin a dewy, golden-pink sheen. It comes with a velvet puff to apply it with (how cute!) in a precious tin and because it’s a balm you never have to worry about leakage.
The woman at the cosmetics counter filled me in on why I needed it by throwing around information about how it gives your skin a rather flawless look, makes you look slimmer and that the Sex and the City reportedly used it on set to give their legs the perfect look you’d get from a good pair of flesh-toned ‘hose. When I rubbed a bit on my skin, I pretty much fell head over heels so I joyfully cashed in my optimum points and went home with my fantastic chubby stick and balm feeling rather like a princess.

I’m going to keep the tin!

The tagline – “Take a picture it lasts longer…” – is cute and cheeky, and I happen to think the tin is absolutely adorable, too.

At $36 for the tin, I don’t use it regularly but rather save it for special occasions like dates or work events – times that I want to look really good, especially if my legs are going to be bare. I like putting a bit on my collarbone too, and I have used it on my arms once or twice. The puff is exquisite and I love, love, love the way Bathina makes my skin feel. Benefit wasn’t kidding when they described it as “pure body luxury”.

When you apply the balm, be sure to really highlight the front of your legs all the way down to your toes to elongate and slim them, and gently “buff” your skin in circular motions with the velvet applicator. Freshly shaved legs will be as smooth as butter, I promise. I’m a huge fan of Benefit, and Bathina is no exception. I’ve used a fair bit of the balm already, and I’ll definitely get another tin when it’s all gone – though I’d wager to say I likely won’t be too concerned about having glow-y legs this winter (they glow in the dark without a tan, anyway!).

Look at that sheen – gorgeous!

My other favourite Benefit products?

SunBeam liquid bronzer, They’re Real mascara and Erase Paste corrector.

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