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Toddler Love

There is nothing as fierce as a toddler’s love.

Whether it’s his cars, the cat or apple juice if F loves something, he loves it big.  There’s something so magical about his innocence right now. He can just love everything and anybody and he doesn’t have a care in the world. His preschool teachers? He loves them. His friends at preschool? You better believe he loves them. Pancakes? OH MY GOD THE LOVE. It’s refreshing and it’s entertaining and I have to admit that I am totally jealous because I wish I could be as excited for anything as that boy is about eating one of those shitty toaster pancakes in the morning. 

I couldn’t help myself but to laugh last week when I caught F “cuddling” with the cat, and since my phone was handy I managed to snap this photo. With that super cute voice and big eyes, F declared his love for Duncan – his very own cat – and then kissed the furball a few times before I had to intervene. As much as Duncan loves F, Duncan did not love F’s I-love-you-deathgrip-headlock. 

Because one look at that cat’s face will tell you all you need to know: Sometimes love scares the shit out of you. 

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