single mom


I accepted a new job last week.

I’ll never deny that I always keep an eye open and an ear out for new opportunities in everything, from my writing to apartments. Once upon a time I was quite content to be static, until my life began to feel stagnant. Perhaps it is the fear of staleness in my life that lights the proverbial fire under my ass that keeps me looking for new adventures, but whatever it is, I found myself at a crossroads and decided to take the unbeaten path.

And so, with some trepidation, I said yes.

And then, with much sadness, I wrote my letter of resignation.

And then I almost threw up.

Moving on to this new position is both exciting and terrifying. While I am thrilled to have this opportunity, I can’t help but feel a pang of sadness as I know I’ll desperately miss my friends in the office. I’ll miss the sense of accomplishment that comes from knowing that the work I do every day helps better the lives of others. 

But I’ll meet new people. I’ll do new things. And the opportunities ahead of me are endless.

It’s nothing shy of bittersweet, as I look forward to my first day at my new job and dread my last day with the office. 

Until then…

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