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Crying Over Spilled Apple Juice

Once again, F and I have a little friend staying with us as Little sleeps over while his Dad’s away. Since it’s kind of old hat to everybody, we quickly settled into a groove after getting home from school this evening and I enjoyed two whole hours of work time while the boys watched Frozen and played in F’s room. 

Then came the inevitable sniffling – the telltale sound of fun gone awry. 

He hit meHe’s making me upset! I DON’T WANT TO PLAY THAT GAME ANYMORE.

I hobbled down the hall to intervene, which mostly sounded like Hold it together, guys. Seriously. and then I hobbled back to the couch to resume icing the ankle that I rolled on Tuesday in an effort to get back to running. Don’t ask. That was about two hours ago, and the bickering has come in waves since then – like siblings, these two have figured out one another’s buttons and I’m pretty sure I’ve actually said the words I don’t care who started it, I’m going to finish it so there’s that. 

And then, they took my advice to act like big boys and do their own things if they needed to, which naturally looked like both of them sitting on the same couch in the living room watching TV. Of course. And of course, they needed a drink. 

Sippy cups wouldn’t do though. No, no. They needed *real* cups and like the regular ass I am, I obliged.

Before I knew it, I was racing (and by racing I mean hobbling) to get paper towel because someone decided to try to rest their glass of apple juice ON THE COUCH. In other news, my couch smells like apple juice which is better than smelling like cat, which it did before. So this really could be a win, until it turns sour-smelling. 

Perhaps it’s because I only got 4 hours of sleep last night, or maybe it’s that my ankle hurts because I successfully tripped over the cat this evening and re-injured it, or it could just be that I was one spilled glass of apple juice away but my eyes filled up with tears as I tried desperately to sop up the juice before it sunk into the cushions.

But at least it wasn’t milk, right?

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