The Red-Headed Stepchild

What feels like 100 years ago, I wrote my very first blog post. It was so… liberating. Saying what I wanted to say, when I needed to say it – even when there was no one to listen. It was healing, therapeutic and it became one of the most important parts of my day. I didn’t care much about my stats or comments – I was doing it for me. And then, all my blogging for me paid off and I found myself making a dream my (very busy) reality.

When I became The Frenzied Fashionista, I was thrilled. I had hardly dared to dream that I might one day write for YMC. When I was asked to become Greenmommy, I was over the moon. As writing opportunities and social media management gigs trickled in over the last 12 months, though, my own blog was pushed further and further into the corner. Since joining Qimple, I’ve been busier than ever. I write regular blog posts on our blog, and I often find myself working late into the evening.

And so, my blog has been left a little unloved. It’s become the red-headed stepchild. I often begrudge it the attention it really deserves. Sometimes, I straight up avoid it. I haven’t the heart to shut this down and yet, I haven’t the time to give it daily love. I hope it’ll forgive me until I do.

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