2014 · single mom

Christmassed Out

As some of you may already know, we didn’t get the Barbie Car under the tree this year. It wasn’t even in a stocking. After looking at five stores and not being able to find the simple, inexpensive $14.88 pink, plastic convertible I threw my hands up in the air, took a deep breath and decided to give myself a break.

Because, really, it’s a toy car. And it’s also a pretty good learning opportunity – if F asks about it. Which he hasn’t, yet.

Like always, F was spoiled again this year. Not in an over-the-top, obnoxious, so many toys he doesn’t know what to do with himself way, but in a way that he got lots of things he actually needed, a few things he wanted and a couple of surprises. I was really excited that there was no sense of entitlement, and no complaints. And I was thrilled when, on Christmas Eve, he looked at me and said “It’s OK if Santa doesn’t bring any toys. I have a lot of toys I love already.”

This kid, though.

But, like all good things too much Christmas makes for one heck of a cranky person and F and I are no exception to this. The late nights and junk food combined with being dragged here, there and everywhere is a lot for grownups to deal with – let alone a four-year-old. It didn’t take long because Mr F was over it. We’re both a little Christmassed out.

I was looking forward to the two week break from life as I know it. I needed to unwind (which, I haven’t really…). I needed to spend some time with family. I needed to lay on Mr Hockey Coach’s couch listening to Christmas music and eating nachos. I needed to eat and drink to excess for a couple of days. And now, I need my routine back.

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