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I can paint?!

Check out my friend Sarah’s amazing artwork (and read her blog because she’s *awesome*!

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I have been trying to figure out how to write this post for a few weeks now.  I have ventured into new territory (again) and this time it seems a bit scary to share.  I have started painting.  With real paints and brushes.  And it is going ok!  I love paintings. I collect paintings. Good ones.  I have much envy of people who can wield a paintbrush and make the colours look like something. But I can’t paint!! Or so I thought.

A few years ago I had bought some acrylic paints from the dollar store and tried painting, but all that came out were mud puddles.  I think I started with some clouds, but they looked like mucky splotches so I gave up. It is in my nature to want to see some promise right away when I start a new process or I feel like it is a…

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