On Letting Kids Define THEIR Personal Style

We’ve all seen the kid at the playground wearing two different socks – or even two different shoes! – a tutu over a dress, or a Superman costume with rain boots and we may have even smugly looked at our own child, dressed like a mini-model. I’ll freely admit that I was that mom for a long, long time.

Now? My kid wore his shorts backwards to school last week.

Around the time he turned three, F began asking if he could get “dis shirt” or “dat shirt” and grew increasingly frustrated if I dared put the wrong shoes on his feet. And I put the wrong shoes on his feet a lot before I realized that I wouldn’t care much to be told what to wear every day, either. So I backed off and something amazing happened. F’s self-esteem and independence flourished. It was obvious that my little boy felt like himself. Clothes can do that.

I’ve often said that it’s only in the last few years that I’ve really, truly come into my own self. After years of dressing myself based on what was “cool”, what my friends were wearing and what my parents would buy me I felt like I didn’t really have a style. I would spend hours deliberating an outfit, only to feel like it wasn’t what I was supposed to wear. My closet was so often filled with items I felt I *had* to buy, instead of items that felt like me, and I rarely felt like I was truly “me” when I left the house. 

With the exception of gifts or necessities I pick up, I rarely buy clothing for F without asking him first. We often spend time checking out items online before heading to the store, and sometimes I’ll get him picks and then shop solo because SANITY. Print

When I was invited to become a Peekaboo Beans Ambassador, I chatted with F about what it meant. He was thrilled! With his blessing, I went ahead and accept the honour. I was excited too! We received our Peekaboo Beans catalogue for Fall picks and he happily chose his  favourite pieces, explaining why he wanted what. The Doggie Days shirt reminded him of our old dog; the Dino hoodie was Dino-riffic like him, and the pants were “important and probably warm”! 

Our Peekaboo Beans shipment arrived earlier this week and I was most struck by the quality of the fabrics. I had jumped over a size for F, which turned out to be a good thing – my five year old is wearing a SIZE EIGHT you guys. The pieces are true to size, by the way, F is just gigantic. And he loves everything, especially the Dino hoodie and Angry Elbows tee. Oh, and he wants to save all of his new clothes for “good”. (He’s so mine.)

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*As a Peekaboo Beans Ambassador, I receive Peekaboo Beans products for my son as compensation for taking part in the program. Although I am compensated, the views and opinions in this post are my own and are in no way influenced by my relationship with the Peekaboo Beans brand. 

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