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#PBAmbassador – How Peekaboo Beans made my son feel special

If there is one thing that never ceases to amaze me in this world, it’s my son. He is smart and funny and always on the go. Some might say he got that honestly enough; I’d say I’m almost too old and much too tired to keep up with him. Sometimes I’m almost at my wit’s end with F’s constant play and busyness, and then I remember how wonderful it is to have a busy, active child.

When I was first invited to become a #PBAmbassador, I took to the Googler to learn as much as I could about Peekaboo Beans and it didn’t take long before I knew I was into the brand and the vision. But the real test, I knew, would come when we received our first shipment of the PB-branded threads. While I was impressed by the style selections, I worried we’d receive a bunch of clothes that neither F nor I really loved.

The worry was all for naught, though: we were in love.

F is a high-energy kid. At almost six, it’s not that he can’t do buttons and zippers; he’s just too busy trying to race on to the next thing. Like most people, F despises the feeling of a tag against his skin. He’s hard on his clothing, and he rarely sits still. Oh, and he hates mittens.

(Yay for the thumb holes in Peekaboo Beans sweaters – it keeps his hands a little warmer!)

My little dinosaur enthusiast was more than thrilled to see lots of dinosaurs in the Winter Collection, from tees to hoodies to shirts with dinosaur-inspired scale-y designs on sleeves.

Screen Shot 2015-11-21 at 2.55.21 PM

I was thrilled to see high quality fabrics, with kid-friendly gadgets and thoughtful design. There are no tags to rub and irritate his skin, no weird buttons inside the pants to dig into his sides and the knees are reinforced so I know he won’t rip ’em out the first time he wears them.

And his friends think his clothes are SO COOL which makes him feel extra special – and that’s important, too.

But I think my favourite thing about Peekaboo Beans is that I’ve never felt like I had a limited selection of boys’ clothes for F and I to choose from. On a recent trip to a well-known children’s clothing store, F pointed out that there were almost no clothes for him – and he was right. Only about a third of the store was designated to boys – from birth to size 10/12, and the rest was filled with beautiful dresses, brightly coloured tops, cute leggings and fun accessories for girls. Of the clothes available for us to choose from that day had been darkly coloured cargo-style pants, darkly coloured sweatpants, darkly coloured hoodies, and a whack of t-shirts.  We left with nothing except a bad feeling that boys shouldn’t feel special when they get dressed. And that’s simply not true.

Everyone should feel special when they get dressed.


*As a Peekaboo Beans Ambassador, I receive Peekaboo Beans products for my son as compensation for taking part in the program. Although I am compensated, the views and opinions in this post are my own and are in no way influenced by my relationship with the Peekaboo Beans brand. 

2 thoughts on “#PBAmbassador – How Peekaboo Beans made my son feel special

  1. I love the Beans for boys! First time I’ve ever even paid attention to the boys side… and it’s WONDERFUL!


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