2016 · single mom

5 Truths About Raising a Boy

I have the most distinct memory of the day I found out that I was having a little boy. The night before the ultrasound, I dreamt I was having a little girl. In fact, I was so sure I was having a girl that I’m quite certain you could have knocked me over with a feather when I found out that my little bundle had a little bundle between his legs. Screen Shot 2016-04-30 at 1.06.47 PM

In an instant, my dreams of manicures and curling hair were replaced by scraped knees and Dinky cars – and I wouldn’t change a thing about it. What I didn’t know then was that raising a boy is a unique and wonderful experience, but I sure wish I’d known a few key things about being a little boy’s mama.

Boys are constantly in motion.

A rare moment of “still”.

From the time he opens his eyes until the time he closes them, F is on the move. I swear, my child cannot sit through a meal without bouncing his butt out of his seat, tapping his toes or wriggling and wiggling around. When I watch my friend’s daughter sit quietly and colour or do crafts, I can’t help but marvel at the difference between her normal and mine.


Boys are the sweetest.

Although I only get to keep him for a minute or two at a time, F is one of the most snuggly, sweetest creatures I’ve ever known. He loves to snuggle, and despite his rough and tumble activities, F is kind-hearted and sensitive. He is always thanking me, telling me he loves me and complimenting me (and others) – and yes, I already know that his sweet-talking ways will spell trouble in the teenage years! 

Boys are stinky.

A rare moment of “still”.

And sticky – it’s amazing. I’ve never seen anyone who had such sweaty feet! Even when he’s lying on the couch watching television, the little toes I used to love to kiss could knock me out with the stink they emit. He can find the stickiest substances, the best mud puddles, and the grosses things almost without trying and then roll, fall or otherwise cover himself in them.


Also: he likes to put bugs and worms in his jacket pockets. I don’t think I need to tell you why that is not popular with me. And if I do, we can’t be friends anymore.

The laundry is never ending.

You know how I mentioned the stinky, stickiness? Yeah. It means you’re getting your money’s worth out of your laundry room. I’ve sent him to school on days when there hasn’t been a drop of rain for ages, and F still manages to come home covered, head to toe, in mud. He doesn’t worry about keeping himself clean when he’s in the business of having fun. 

The clothes are no match for the wearer.

As if constantly being washed wasn’t hard enough on a boy’s threads, boys have an amazing ability to rip the knees out of pants and tear the soles off their shoes in record time. From sliding into home base, to scuffing his feet as he walks, F is hard on his clothes. I’m glad we found Peekaboo Beans with reinforced knees to hold up to his clowning around and easy-to-move-in fabrics that don’t slow him down. Plus, they’re fuss-free when I’m washing – which is especially helpful since I feel like all I do is laundry.

Oh, and he wears his clothes out long before he can outgrow them most of the time! 


My favourite thing about being a boy mom is that F keeps me entertained and active. Thanks to his curiosity and boundless energy, we explore and learn together every day. Now if I could just get him to start doing his own laundry…

… but at least we can share clothes now, because my six year old wears a size 10 boys hoodie. And so do I.


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