2016 · single mom

#PBAmbassador: on changing bodies and growing up [sponsored]

Standing in front of my mirror, I couldn’t help but smile (and OK, maybe grimace a little) as I sunk deeper into Utkatasana (chair pose). To my right, F teetered as he tried to keep his knees together before snorting and, deciding he’d had enough of Mama’s yoga practice for one day, released himself onto the floor and looked up at me.

Your muscles look strong, Mama, he said matter-of-factly. I examined my legs, decided he was right, and then reminded him that taking good care of our bodies is important and that I like to be strong because it helps me take care of us both.

One day I’ll have strong muscles, too, Mama, he assured me. And he’s right. He will. Already my sweet baby has become a little boy, and he’s rapidly growing into a young man (whether I like it or not).

As we prepared for back to school, I realized none of his clothes fit anymore. The days of kissing him at school drop-off are over, but a high-five or peace out are still fine. His personality and maturity levels are changing – and so is his body. He’s losing his baby features as quickly as he’s finding himself.

We sat down to do some pre-Christmas clothes shopping this past week, and F was thrilled to see the new Winter Collection from Peekaboo Beans. As ambassadors, checking out each season’s new looks is something we really look forward to – and 2016 winter is no different!


F chose two additional pairs of Hangout Pants – one in indigo and one in black – to go with his existing pair. If you’re wondering why he needs three pairs (as I was) he says it’s because they’re cool and comfy… what’s not to love?! He also selected the Mudslide pants since he thought they looked fast, and I applauded him for choosing three pairs of pants in under five minutes!

I pressed for him to choose a new shirt or two, and while I thought the Style Peak tee was the coolest, he was more impressed by the Historical Shirt (from Fall 2011 and remade for 2016) – have I mentioned this kid has a keen sense of his own style? He does.

peekaboo beans picks 2016 winter.jpg

Finally, after F’s pieces were chosen, I decided that I’d treat myself to something I’ve been wanting for a while: the Peekaboo Beans Reminder to Play Jacket for moms. I was thrilled to see it was on sale, and even more excited when I realized the only size available at the time was my own! It’s obviously a great jacket if it’s sold out, right?


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