2017 · single mom

how #EatTogether hit me in the feels

The notion of #EatTogether was never one that really hit me too hard. I’m a pretty solitary person, and I haven’t always maintained a positive relationship with food. For years, I sat alone at my desk and ate silently. I now join my team for lunch in our café most days.

For almost three years, F and I didn’t really have a dining room table. The table that sat in our dining room was quite literally never used and when we did use it, it was for homework or storage. We ate our meals in the living room, and often separately, with the TV or the phone or the iPad distracting us. It was a habit I created when F was in Cape Breton while I lived alone in Halifax to finish school. Mealtimes were so lonely without him.

Thanks largely to my mother, we have a beautiful dining room table now that’s set up with a centrepiece, placemats, and occasionally some pencils and markers. We eat our meals together every night now, and no night is more special than Sunday.

Almost every Sunday night since RomCom has been in our lives, we all gather around the table to eat together. F sets the table while RomCom gets everyone’s drinks. Together, he and I plate everyone’s food and we sit down and laugh and eat and love. There’s rarely an iPad, iPhone or laptop in sight.

I’d have never believed that *I* was pushing for Sunday dinners, but there you have it. 


When I first saw the President’s Choice #EatTogether campaign, I felt a little tug at my heartstrings. It brought me back to the loneliness of eating on my couch with no one to talk to. It reminded me of how my heart feels more full than my plate when RomCom and F are laughing together at the table while we compare noodle slurps.

As a society, we’re so busy. We’re distracted. We’re caught up in the million and one to-dos. We’ve never had more ways to communicate, and yet we’re connecting less and less. But one thing we all need to do is eat. Isn’t it better to do it together?

One of the things I love most about the video is the song playing:

What the world needs now is love sweet love, it’s the only thing that there’s just too little of. What the world needs now is love sweet love. No, not just for some, but for everyone.

We do need more love. We need so much more. I’m afraid when I turn on or open up the news. My heart aches with sadness as more and more stories detail the hatred and sorrow in our world. Countries are divided and families are separated.

It’s easy to forget how fortunate we are to share a table with those we love.

I showed the campaign video to F, who is now solidly convinced we need to pull our table into the hall and see what happens, but we talked a lot about how lucky we are to have food on the table. And not just any food: to have nutritious food.

In celebration and support of eating good food together, I purchased Sarah Blackwood’s cover of “What the World Needs Now is Love” on iTunes (featured in the video) because I love the song, but also because all proceeds are donated to President’s Choice® Children’s Charity. 

The President’s Choice® Children’s Charity supports children’s health and wellness across Canada.

o   The Charity is committed to helping kids and believes they should have every opportunity to live to their full potential;

o   The Charity’s focus is two-fold, they support childhood nutrition programs, ensuring children are well-nourished and ready to learn; and support children who have been diagnosed with a physical or developmental disability.

If you haven’t seen the video yet, I urge you to check it out by clicking the image below. You can purchase Sarah Blackwood’s cover of “What the World Needs Now is Love” for just $1.29 on iTunes and help support President’s Choice® Children’s Charity.

And if you ever want to #EatTogether, gimme a shout.

We always have an extra chair and we’re good at sharing.

pc-screenshot-04 (1).png

*** DISCLAIMER: I have proudly worked with President’s Choice® in the past on sponsored and/or paid opportunities, however this post is a non-sponsored post and reflects my opinions on the #EatTogether campaign. ***
#EatTogether: When we eat together, good things happen. We share a bit of our lives. We talk, we laugh and we share the foods we love. We get a little closer. That’s why in 2017, for Canada’s 150th birthday, President’s Choice, one of the country’s most trusted brands, is on a mission to get Canadians to #EatTogether. To put down their phones, turn off the TV, and sit down to share a meal – with friends and family, of course, but more so, with neighbours they don’t know, new colleagues at work or the couple that just moved in down the hall. Whether it’s poutine, pad Thai, paella or perogies, nothing brings us together like eating together.

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