2017 · single mom

the things money can (and can’t) buy

One of the greatest challenges of growing up is tackling that whole “financial responsibility” (and financial security) thing. During the early years of young adult life, and especially during the early months and years of single parenting, I felt so sure that if I just had more money, everything would be better, easier – but it was a lingering belief that didn’t go away, no matter how much my salary increased.

The simple truth is that money can’t buy happiness and it sure as heck couldn’t buy me more time.

As a full-time work outside the home mom and a part-time freelancer, time is a precious commodity, to say the least, and finding a few extra minutes is difficult at best.

Although money can’t buy me an extra day in the week, I realized it can buy some efficiencies in product and service investments or choices… and those investments don’t have to be expensive! Take, for example, the Atlantic Superstore Click and Collect service – an online shopping experience for your groceries. (I know, right?)


This new service launched on December 5 and it’s already changed my life. Ten-to-15 minutes’ worth of time spent clicking and adding grocery items to my “cart” at http://www.atlanticsuperstore.ca, one Visa number, and a quick trip to the grocery store where I parked in a designated spot and had my groceries waiting for me meant I had an entire evening to spend with F and Marc on an otherwise busy night.


Worried about freshness and quality? Don’t. The personal shoppers won’t give you a banged up avocado or too-ripe bananas. They’re as careful and selective as you, and if you’re not happy, you can always call or go back.


With a minimum $30 spend, you can enjoy this service any day of the week with service charges ranging $3 – $5. Simply register online – and don’t forget to link your PC Points card so you can keep collecting and save on future orders! – and start clicking.

Currently, this service is available in the Halifax Regional Municipality where it has created new jobs, but fear not: the service will be across Atlantic Canada before you can say “Online Shopping”. Will you try it?


P.S. Don’t forget to link your PC Optimum account so you can still collect points!

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