on coziness

oh, helloWhen we moved into a beautiful new building, one of the first things that struck me was the sleek modernity and bright, open spaces. The unit featured large windows and granite-like countertops, shades of cool grey and stainless steel appliances. It looked like something straight out of my Pinterest page. But what I hadn’t anticipated was that all the things I loved about our open, modern, sleek layout and furnishings actually made our new home feel…cold.

Our previous unit was a little more dated, with warm beige walls and our furniture was very country chic – cozy is the best way to describe it, really. Our new home felt much more grown up and sophisticated, but also much less like a place I could relax and unwind in the warmth and coziness I’d grown accustomed to. As we chose modern furnishings to fill our new space, I knew I needed to find simple ways to incorporate coziness into our new aesthetic.


A wicker basket filled with warm blankets – from real wool, tartan blankets made in Scotland to fuzzy blankets designed for snuggling – is one of my favourite functional décor pieces. We even used it as a tree stand at Christmas! The greyish tone matches our colour scheme, and the basket itself adds a hint of rustic chic to our otherwise streamlined room.

The most important blanket in our living area is my plus Hudson’s Bay blanket, the first Christmas gift Marc gave me. It takes up permanent residence on our new couch from Structube (find it here).

They say our sense of smell is one of the most impactful senses we have, which explains why bread baking or fresh cookies evoke such powerful memories in many of us. That’s why my diffusers and the variety of lovely oils (I have one from Saje and two candle-lit ones), or my delightfully scented candles are often adding warm and relaxing scents like lavender and vanilla to the air.

One of the tallest orders was to find slippers since there’s no denying that slippers and a cozy sweater (which I already owned and loved for years!) are the epitome of home comfort. But I was faced with a problem: I’m picky. Three pairs of slippers failed to fit the bill and I’d all but given up hope when I discovered Kyrgies. I’m now thrilled to be a Kyrgies ambassador – and not just because it’s solved my slipper woes!


Kyrgies are handmade by Kyrgyz artisans using centuries-old felting techniques in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan. Because they’re made with wool, these cute and cozy slippers keep your feet at the perfect temperature all year round because of wool’s natural properties. Cool, right? Plus wool is naturally odour resistant, breathable, and durable and each pair was handcrafted by an artisan being paid a living wage. They sounded perfect… and they really are. (And they’re cute!)

Slipping my feet into them at the end of a long day in heels or a long run is the absolute best.


Speaking of perfection and coming home, let’s talk about my plants. Despite my best efforts, I’ve never had much of a green thumb… until now. The windowsills in our living space are covered with plants: succulents, orchids, succulent terrariums. Plants add so much brightness, life, and comfort to our space – not to mention a burst of colour in our otherwise neutral palette. The bright greens and beautiful blooms evoke a sense of calm in our home – and calm is the perfect backdrop for a cozy snuggle on the couch with your favourite person (or plush blanket).


As the old saying goes, home is where the heart is and the bulk of the coziness in our home comes from the people in it. But my slippers, blankies, sweaters, and beautiful plants and candles sure help, too!

What’s your secret coziness weapon?

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