finding the quiet

I love Christmas.

I love the busyness of the season, the music, the food, and being surrounded by my peeps. I love the hugs and the laughter and wrapping gifts. I love watching the people I love open gifts, or seeing F’s face light up as he sees what Santa Claus left for him. But holy mother of all things tinsel-y, Christmas is exhausting.

Take for example, my last week – I’ve driven to and from Cape Breton (about ten hours of driving in total), driven around Cape Breton to visit family, baked cookies, cleaned the house, did laundry, driven around Halifax and Dartmouth to drop off or pick up last minute gifts, made meals, gotten groceries, and tried to coordinate three humans (myself included), opened gifts, done dinners, visited friends, partied hard. I’m tired. The guys are tired. We’re all tired.

But we just keep going, don’t we?

This year, I decided to find the quiet when I could. Sure, I hid out in a bathroom for an extra two or three minutes and took some deep breaths or I zoned out in the middle of a loud kitchen to centre myself, but I also decided that Boxing Day had to be the day of quiet – and I was home by myself (which – let’s be real – is a real gift for any mom!)

But finding (or making) quiet is something I gravitate towards more and more as I get older, and when it’s not possible to have total peace and quiet, I find small things to make me feel more at peace and quiet. I even went into the office today and closed the door so I could have total silence to clean up a few loose ends from last week.


From my essential oils to a soothing candle, scent is one of the most powerful ways to create a mood for you and others. I’ve started using lavender and peppermint essential oils in my office, rubbing some on my temples when I need a little pick-me-up or headache relief. I even have a bag of lavender hanging near my chair.

Cozy Clothing

From my fuzzy Joe Fresh robe cardigan to my wool socks or Kyrgies, slipping into something cozy helps me feel quiet – even in the midst of hustle and bustle. Just the act of slipping on my slippers and wrapping myself in a warm, fuzzy sweater when I come home helps me get into my zen-y zone.


Slow, soul-warming jazz or gentle classical music playing softly in the background helps you feel calm, plus it’s been shown to help lower your blood pressure!


If you can dim the lights or turn off the overhead light and rely on the use of lamps and/or candles, the room will instantly feel cozier and, in turn, quieter.

Take Five

People always ask me where I find time, but more often than not I actually have to make the time. Dedicate five minutes to yourself – more if you’re able – and relax. Taking a quick five minute breather before you go to the next party (or welcome your guests to yours) can help you feel a little more balanced.

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