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spicy peach smoothie bowl

A quick glance at my Instagram profile or stories will tell you I love me a good smoothie bowl. After years of making a smoothie every morning for breakfast, I upped my game following a visit to a local Smoothie Shack in Lawrencetown while on a bike ride.

Smoothie bowls differ a little bit from smoothies in that they’re thicker, and thus harder to consume via a straw. Plus, straws are bad for the environment and a big ol’ smoothie bowl gives you plenty of real estate to add toppings. It’s basically a Sundae, you guys.

Smoothie bowls can pack a serious nutritional punch: it’s an easy way to get lots of fruit (and veggies) into your day, and by using high-protein foods like pasteurized egg whites or low-sugar, Greek yogurt and adding some “superfoods” like chia or hemp hearts. Since they’re dead easy to make, a smoothie bowl makes a great meal or snack (depending on the size and how hungry you are).

imashleymi-peach smoothie

My go-to bowl is a mango-turmeric bowl topped with everything from blueberries to shredded coconut, but in an effort to use up some frozen fruit taking up space in my freezer I decided I’d try something with peaches. Peaches aren’t my favourite fruit, and they’re definitely not my favourite smoothie base, but I felt confident I could spice it up.

I was right.

This smoothie bowl is almost warming (*almost* – it is eaten cold, after all!) with nutmeg and cinnamon, and could be topped with just about anything you’d like. I used pasteurized egg whites (protein!), lactose-free milk, and lactose-free Greek yogurt (more protein!), but you could swap for your preferred liquid(s) and skip yogurt entirely if you prefer. Almond milk would be lovely, now that I think of it.

As you can see from the photo above, I used strawberries, bananas, chocolate granola, chia seeds, hemp hearts, and puffed quinoa as my toppings. You can’t see the little drizzle of honey that added some extra sweetness.

Suddenly, I’m feeling hungry…spicy peach smoothie bowl.png

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