2018 · career · style & beauty

i am sensible heel height years old

I have a fabulously chic pair of black Nine West stilettos sitting in my closet. I don’t remember exactly when I bought them, but I do remember taking them off after the last time I wore them and all but swearing they’d never go on my feet again.

I’ve recently discovered that I’m officially “sensible heel height” years old.

I used to have the coolest shoe collection. Fantastic heels, great styles and fun colours or patterns. They were envy-inducing, eye-catching, impractical and often woefully uncomfortable. But now? Most of my shoes are no-nonsense styles from Naturalizer – made for comfort and often not exciting enough to turn any heads (except for my pretty sequined, sparkly pair!). 

Oh, how things – they change.

And it’s not just the shoes thing, either! When shopping for other clothing items, I’m reaching for classic cuts and neutral colours over the fun and trendy picks I gravitated to in the past. I’ll pass on the fancy cocktail in favour of a full-bodied glass of red. Hand me that double espresso over a gingerbread latte any day. 

Early in my professional career, I foolishly believed that high heels and impractical skirts were the epitome of “dressing the part” – but they present a big problem: I can’t run around in those things! The desire to be comfortable and move freely at any point in the day cannot be understated now: I’ve realized success isn’t high heels and staying at my desk all day – success is literally running [the show].

With my 31st birthday just a week away, I’m perhaps more aware of these tiny shifts than ever before. If my twenties were spent figuring out what I liked, my thirties appear to be all about refining those “likes” to leave space for only the “loves”, like a classic red nail and lip combo, light and clean perfume scents, and a great cigarette pant. Being trendy and eye-catching or enviably dressed has given way to comfort and practicality. 

And I’m OK with it, so go ahead and pass me that cardigan.

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