single mom

a decade later

I woke up this morning from a fitful (and frankly miserable) sleep and made my way out to the living room where I sat with my laptop, working, and downed a coffee. A pretty ordinary morning by any measure, honestly. But while sitting on the couch and considering the myriad of tasks ahead of me before we surround ourselves with friends to ring in a new decade, I realized my life today is a world away from where it was ten years ago.

Ten years ago today, I was enormously pregnant. Enormously. I’d already hit the 40-week mark and that baby simply wasn’t interested in making a move. Now, I can barely get him to sit still.

While I excitedly awaited the arrival of my baby boy, I was consumed with grief after losing my great aunt days before. I had no idea I would lose my great uncle days later.

A decade later, I’d like to think I’m the kind of person 22-year-old me wanted to become. I’m pretty sure I am. There have been countless ups and downs, mistakes and misgivings, heartbreaks and joy and loss and grief and excitement and while I definitely didn’t make it through flawlessly, I made it through.

In a decade, my life has changed so much it’s nearly unrecognizable. When I think back on where I thought I’d be today, it’s almost laughable. And – if you want the truth – I’m really glad I’m not there.

As we prepare to go out and party like it’s 2019, I wish you the Happiest New Year. Here’s to another year of ups and downs; of lessons and love; of happiness and sadness, to help us appreciate all that is joyful; of friendship and fellowship, community and unity. Cheers to another year, to a clean slate, and most of all, to you and yours.



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