2020 · parenting

shit’s weird right now, but…

Over the past week, I’ve spent a lot of time trying to explain the new rules and regulations, restrictions, requirements, and ridiculous behaviours of some people to my 10-year-old son. In a moment of frustration and, frankly, with no better way to describe things, I finally said “shit’s weird right now”.

His response? Uncontrollable laughter. And then he said “You’re right.”

Because, honestly, shit is weird right now. The things we took for granted two months ago? THEY GONE. I’ve kissed my daily commute to work and one-a-week coffee trips goodbye. We can’t even grocery shop as a family or go to the park. Stores are sold out of things like toilet paper and yeast – two things I prefer never go together – and the air? It just feels off.


While the COVIDiots of the world continue to be, well, idiots and I attempt to socially distance from the snack cupboard, awesome things are happening.

Shit’s weird right now, but friendships are deepening as we connect with people in creative ways and revive phone calls just to “check in”.

Shit’s weird right now, but communities are stepping up and showing up for one another.

Shit’s weird right now, but small businesses are getting inventive and innovative in their approaches, changing up their offerings, and proving they have what it takes to make it through anything.

Shit’s weird right now, but we can still make the most of every day. We can set up our workspace on the balcony, make fancy coffee at “break time”, call a baking project science class, and look for the little things to enjoy. Better yet, we finally have nothing but time to enjoy them.

Shit is fucking weird right now but we still have each other.

Things aren’t how they used to be and it’s OK that it feels scary.

It’s OK to miss the things we used to do.

It’s also very, very OK to feel like this was a reset you needed.

In the midst of a lot of scary news, negativity, and some serious judgey-ness, let’s concentrate on the things we can control and focus on what we can do to make ourselves feel a little better.

Maybe it’s cooking your favourite comfort foods or having a bath. Perhaps it’s bad TV or rewatching old movies from your childhood. Whatever your thing, do it.

Shit’s weird right now but we should still look for – and be – the good.

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