2020 · single mom

Thirty-Two Years

Thirty-two years ago, two of the best people you’d ever want to meet became parents. I’m a little biased, but I think they got a pretty OK kid. Those people were my parents, and I’ll go ahead and let you guess who that kid was.


Yep, September 29, 1988 was a pretty great day for little old me. To date, there’s only been one other day of equal importance or awesomeness in my life and that was the day that I joined my own parents in the awesome land of parenthood. And I wouldn’t be writing this post had it not been for them. I don’t believe in luck, but I’d say I’m pretty dang lucky to have been welcomed into such an incredible, supportive, loving, kind of weird and totally awesome family.

Years ago, a friend asked for my opinion on A-Day/ Gotcha Day. In other words, how did I – an adult adoptee – feel about the celebration of my adoption day. Some adoptees I know think it’s stupid, some have never celebrated, some didn’t even know it was a thing that was celebrated. Growing up, A-Day was a day that was about me. Now that I’m a mom, I know otherwise. September 29 is for Mom and Dad.

Happy A-Day, you two. For all the words I know, I’m not sure I know enough to express my love for you. XO

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