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bottomless orange juice & other cravings

I hate orange juice. As a general rule, the smell and taste of it is almost enough to turn my stomach if not at least make me turn up my nose unless it’s been mixed with a healthy helping of Prosecco. So, it’s especially strange that I’ve been drinking 2+ glasses of pulpy orange juice DAILY for weeks now, right?


According to my doctor and every article on pregnancy I can find, cravings can be caused by a myriad of reasons ranging from hormones (pesky!) to nutritional needs (smart!), and a heightened sense of taste and smell during pregnancy (weird!).

Of course, everyone’s heard of the stereotypical pregnancy cravings like pickles or ice cream (or pickles and ice cream because weird combos aren’t off the table here). I can’t remember having any real cravings when I was pregnant with F, though my food aversions were many and my nausea lasted intermittently throughout the entirety of my pregnancy so perhaps that’s why? Although, I do recall LOVING baked french fries, absolutely caked in pepper, and for the first time in my life I wanted ketchup with them. So, I *guess* that counts…

I hadn’t really considered that I was experiencing “cravings” per se until M pointed out that I can’t seem to get enough OJ and that really got me thinking: what else am I currently obsessed with that I hadn’t even thought about?

Pulp-filled orange juice

OK, OK, OK – I know. I already mentioned it. BUT. To give you some additional context, my obsession goes so deep that I’m willingly giving myself heartburn by drinking a glass of pulp-filled orange juice at 8pm every night and then suffering when I go to bed. Not only am I craving orange juice, I’m actually enjoying it. I’m also averaging 4-6L of orange juice a week, so stay tuned for my ulcer update.

Carrots and ranch

Just before writing this paragraph, I literally got in my car and drove to the store to buy two tubs of PC Ranch Dip and my second bag of carrots for the week. (I also bought two tubs of tzatziki – see below.) I don’t know if it’s the crunch of the carrots, the creaminess of the ranch, or the act of dipping my food which I always love but extra love these days, but carrots and ranch have returned as a lunchtime staple for Ashley. The scroll-y button on my white mouse has turned orange.

Also, I’ll eat just about any other fresh veggie, too. Between the juice and the veggies, my vitamin C levels are off the charts I bet.

Tzatziki and literally anything

I will eat tzatziki with naan bread, crackers, cucumbers, carrots, or right off the spoon right now. Like a cold glass of OJ, tzatziki is super refreshing and cooling – a delightful treat in the middle of the humidity we had in Halifax throughout August. On more than one occasion, I have eaten the entire tub in one sitting, which is why I now buy everything in twos.

Peanut butter toast with honey & hemp hearts

Sweet. Crunchy. AND it packs a little protein punch, this has become a go-to breakfast, replacing my usual yogurt, granola and berry combo (which, fun fact, was making me nauseous for some reason) but I’m not opposed to it as a snack either! And, yes it does pair beautifully with pulp-filled orange juice.

Green apples and caramel

Another sweet and crunch combo, apples and caramel are my new fav obsession – especially if the apple is cold and the caramel is warm.

Fries with mayo

Does it count as a craving if I also always wanted it pre-pregnancy?

Big Mac Sauce

I ate my first actual Big Mac in years last night and it was DEFINITELY more food than I needed but oh man, it was so good. I don’t know what it is about Big Mac sauce but I couldn’t shake the craving. Currently taking bets on how long I can go without buying a bottle for home…

Milky Coffee

I have never (and will never) say no to a good latte or cappuccino and that hasn’t changed. I’ve been warming and steaming my milk for all coffee and it’s SO GOOD. There’s no question that I’m seeking the extra calcium and, as the temperatures start dropping, the creamy warmth will be extra lovely.

BUT, now I want to know… did you have any unusual cravings or food aversions during your pregnancies? Tell me about them in the comments or hit me on social!

One thought on “bottomless orange juice & other cravings

  1. Friend of mine was a fairly dedicated beer drinker. During her first pregnancy, the smell of beer on her husband’s breath was enough to make her hurl from across the room. Second pregnancy? She would have killed a good sized village if she knew she would get to drink their stash.


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