2018 · travel

the countdown is officially on

In one week, I’ll be piling the final items into bags and (no doubt) sweating a little as I question whether or not I’ve truly gotten everything we need before our first official family trip. That’s right! We’re off to Florida, and this time, we say we’re bringing F along for the ride. There’s something… Continue reading the countdown is officially on

2017 · single mom

pack a versatile wardrobe (in a carry-on)

Packing for a trip – either professional or personal pleasure – is challenging. Adding to the challenge: limiting oneself to a carry-on. Only.  RomCom and I are headed to Florida (YAY!), and while he’s packing only a backpack I knew I needed a little more than my Mat&Nat bag to get me through a full… Continue reading pack a versatile wardrobe (in a carry-on)