single mom


This afternoon, F and I got dressed up in semi-coordinating outfits and took my camera to the shore by the old fish houses for some photos. My Hyundai Elantra served as the tripod/photographer and we had a flippin’ blast!

No Baby Steps here – just one big LEAP!

Thanksgiving is such a beautiful time of year – summer is still lingering but the air is cooling, the leaves are turning and there is a hint of change around us. It seems like the perfect time to start anew, which is just what F and I are doing. Only a year ago, we used the back of a VW Jetta to take family photos with J along the Cabot Trail. It’s bittersweet to take photos of the two of us, but the fact is that I’m a lot happier.

I know, right? Cutest kid EVER.

As I was watching F counting berries and rosehips, I realized that I count a lot of things. I count his fingers and toes, I count money, I count calories… but I rarely count my blessings and that’s sad.

I have so much to be thankful, appreciative and ecstatic about! I have a beautiful, healthy, smart and loving son, a supportive family, amazing friends and my entire future ahead of me. I have my health, and I have finally taken ownership of my happiness. There is so much to be thankful for. I probably have more blessings than calories to count anyway.

Hanging out with lobster traps, trees, overgrown grass and Cape Breton air!

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