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Never Argue with a Toddler

This morning, as per usual, my two-year-old was acting like the teenager he thinks he is, and was telling me he was having a cookie and apple juice for breakfast. When I told him a cookie was not an appropriate breakfast choice (useless, seeing as he watches me eat a cookie for breakfast all the time), he turned around and very saucily said “NO, MOMMY! You stop!”

He was reprimanded for being saucy, and I sat him down and explained that he needs to be respectful and listen to what grown ups like Mommy, Grammy, Nanny and Grampie tell him (Uncle D doesn’t fall into this list because he usually starts bad habits – sorry D, love ya!).

ME: “F, it’s not nice to be rude to Mommy. You hurt my feelings when you speak to me that way. Remember what Mommy told you about listening to grown ups? Who is the grown up?”

F: “Oh, Mommy. You’re not the grown up. You’re just the baby and I’m just the baby. Daisy Doo is a grown up. Silly Mommy.”

… Daisy Doo is our beagle. She is afraid of her own bark, chases her tail and thinks her shadow is another entity all together.

Never argue with a two year old. They’re always right – and they’re significantly more self-assured of their being right when they’re wrong than I am ever am even when I really am right (still with me? Did I lose you on that one?). You just can’t fight that confidence.

The good news is that F did not have a cookie. He had a cereal bar, an apple and a glass of milk. Because Daisy Doo told him it would be a good idea. *Sigh*

This is the “grown up” who we apparently should listen to. God help us all.

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